Hometown Dodge Dealership Develops New Business During Downturn

Dealerships across the country are feeling the pinch during one of the biggest economic challenges our country has ever faced.  While reviewing the economic challenges automotive dealerships are facing, we stumbled upon a small New England Dodge Dealership in Kent, Connecticut that may hold the key for success.


There website; GetMeADodge.com, tells part of their story and actually is a recipe for success if a dealership wants to survive during this economic downturn. Itís no longer about selling new cars.  Itís about embracing your community and diversifying and targeting the consumerís automotive needs.


It never has been just about just selling new cars. Most dealers just play a numbers game by spending thousands of dollars into advertising and gimmicks hoping they make their numbers.  At Southworth Dodge, itís different.  Itís about taking care of consumers so they start referring their family and friends.  They count on referral advertising to market their dealership.


Jamie Williams from Southworth Dodge has analyzed automotive market in his area and determined what his customers are purchasing and targeted those markets. If their target customers canít afford a new car they help determine what is affordable and possibilities put them into a certified pre-owned vehicle or repair their current vehicle.


Southworth Dodge is always thinking out of the box to meet its consumerís needs.  You may not think about going to a car dealerships to purchase tires.  If a consumer needs tires, they compete with the major tire chains.  We got competitive price quotes from two nationally recognized tire discounters.  Southworth Dodge actually installed tires on our test vehicle for $300 less than the competition.


Southworth Dodge takes pride in being a new Dodge Dealership and is working hard to change the perception of dealerships.  Their goal is to be viewed as the one stop source for affordable automotive needs by offering new cars, pre-owned cars, warranty work, service, tires, mufflers, and oil changes. Southworth Dodge will work hard to earn your business.


Southworth Dodgeís (http://www.GetMeADodge.com) slogan has always been; ďsmall ads, no gimmicks, we pass the savings to youĒ and have kept their advertising simple.  They know their community; they determine their wants and needs and respond to their community by offering great customer service and affordable products and services during economic hard times. Their YouTube commercial can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OCpHFFrQ24.