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The Cost of Bank Failures To The FDIC is $22.8 Billion: This is an continually updated list of losses caused by failed banks in the United States. 14 banks have failed in the first two month of 2009.  25 Banks failed in 2008.  Since the beginning of the banking crisis, the FDIC's exposure is $ 22,178,800,000.  This data is being gathered determine the economic health of the banking industry. See Data

Bank Failures at record levels, 21 banks have failed in 2009, 25 banks have failed in 2008. Failures updated weekly See Details Looking at historical data to determine the health of the banking system.  The US government has been busy shoring up the country's financial system to prevent a total collapse.  In addition to the bailouts, 2008 has been a disastrous year for the US banking system.  The following is a list of bank failures that were shut down and rescued by the FDIC. See Data

Fort Knox is Broke? I originally had set out to write an article about selling the gold that America held in Fort Knox to pay for the bailout. My hypothesis was going to focus on saving the interest charges that would be incurred if the federal government borrowed the money to pay for the bailout.  Gold is at an all time high, I thought America could capitalize on the high market value of gold and make a profit. When the economic conditions dictate, America could replace gold inventories when gold prices fall.  The question remained, does America have enough gold in Fort Knox to pay for the bailout.  After a little research, I went to The US Mint (http://www.usmint.gov) website and found that the United States Bullion Depository in Fort Knox, Kentucky currently contains 147.3 million ounces of gold... MORE

Foreclosures are at record levels, Foreclosure listings: http://www.buymyhousebeforethebanktakesit.com

Boomja.com (http://www.boomja.com) launches
Boomja.com, a human edited search engine takes on the task to organize the internet.  They have put together the right process to get the task done. Boojma's innovative process partners with the people and is setting the stage for the next generation of search.

Hubbard Clauses thwart real estate sales
New home sales will continue to be stagnate as developers struggle sell new homes to the public. Aggressive advertising, incentives and discounting seem to be attracting the new buyers but Hubbard Clause Contingences are killing the deals. Buyers are facing the same troubles as developers, they have to sell their homes first but offers on their homes also include Hubbard Clause Contingences... See Details

De-globalization, poor countries flee from cash as bartering replaces currency
As the global economy falls into deeper recession, poor nations no longer have the credit to purchase basic stables. Bartering is replacing currency in these new multi-million dollar deals between nations.  Countries are returning to century old trading practices that are counter productive to globalization.  Bartering between nations was common as recent as 20 years ago... See Details

Hometown Dodge Dealership Develops New Business During Downturn See Details

Circuit City Closes, 30,000 jobs are lost.  See Details